Wedding ideas for guest that are fun and entertaining in Tuscany

A wedding at Sassa al Sole is a special moment that goes beyond elegance and formality: it becomes an opportunity to have fun and create unforgettable memories. If you are planning your wedding in Tuscany and want to engage and entertain your guests in a fun and joyful way, you are in the right place.

Here are some proposals that will make your day even more memorable and fun for everyone present.

Arrival of guests at Sassa al Sole

If you want to welcome your guests with a touch of originality from the moment they arrive at the Relais, why not set up a station with fun and humorous gadgets that they can take and use throughout the reception?

From colorful goggles to fake mustaches, from glittering tiaras to comic strips with hilarious phrases, there are numerous creative ideas for engaging guests in cute photographs that will become lasting memories of your wedding.

Photo Credits: Roland's Social & Business Catering

Wedding Photo Booth

At Relais Sassa al Sole, nestled in the green hills of Tuscany, you will find numerous spaces perfect for creating original photo booth-style photo sets. Among them, the charming panoramic pool and the wonderful Author’s Garden are just some of the corners that will surprise you and provide you with unforgettable shots.

To create these special sets, we use professional lighting and decorative elements to add a touch of class to each shot. A well-defined frame, an elegant sofa, and a myriad of flowers combine to create the ideal photo set, allowing you to capture tangible memories of your wedding in professional photos.

Wedding reception with entertainment

Wedding reception with entertainment

During a wedding at Sassa al Sole, the moment of dinner is always an exciting anticipation for guests eager to delight in the delicacies prepared by our chefs. However, making this moment even more engaging is possible through entertainment.

Our wedding coordinator, Cristina, is here to help you make your reception unforgettable. She provides a select list of stand-up comedians, musicians and singers ready to perform during the dinner, giving guests a unique and memorable experience.

Newlyweds lottery

A fun and increasingly popular idea during weddings is the newlyweds lottery: scratch-off tickets with fun prizes that involve family and friends during the dinner.

Who wouldn’t want to dance with the bride, get a kiss from the groom’s mom or even enjoy a complimentary drink? These are all original ideas to make the party even more fun and encourage guests to actively participate!

Wedding favors: let the hunt begin!

In this article we have seen how the most successful weddings are characterized by the active participation of the couple and guests, often through engaging games and activities.

What if we turned the traditional favor distribution into a fun scavenger hunt? Imagine the joy and excitement as guests engage in the search for hidden treasures, thus creating exciting moments and triggering contagious laughter that will remain in everyone’s memory.

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