Sassa al Sole is an intimate and exclusive wedding venue to transport its guests in a timeless atmosphere. Renaissance and Romanticism come together in an oasis of sounds, scents, and suggestions that will make your event and stay unique and special.

A story of art and love in the Tuscan countryside

Sassa al Sole was born in the early sixteenth century as an ancient abbey of the Tuscan countryside. According to the ancient popular tale, it is said that Leonardo Da Vinci himself stayed there around the first years of 1500.

A link with art and beauty that still lives in the details of Renaissance niches, statues and fountains that accompany each guest in a journey of relaxation and wonder.

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Heady colors, scents and sounds

Over the centuries, Sassa al Sole has assumed the contours of an elegant nineteenth century country dwelling. It is characterized by a unique and inimitable romantic style: wrought iron details and frescoes that delimit the perimeter of the rooms, Rose gardens and spices that stimulate visitors with intoxicating scents, the gentle sound of water flowing from the fountains and statues.

To create a common thread between all the environments, the reference to the operas of the great composer Giacomo Puccini. For this reason, the names of our Suites are the heroines of the opera of the composer, as to recall the passion and love that is perceived in this magical venue.

Destined to hold

Sassa al Sole today is an enchanted place that embraces spouses and guests in an exclusive atmosphere in the heart of Tuscany. The rooms are designed to accommodate weekend weddings where you can enjoy moments of intimacy, alternating with celebrations for the ceremony and the wedding reception.

In this place, history, art, and suggestions linked to the beauty of nature will accompany you on a journey to celebrate your love, surrounded by the affection of the people closest to you.

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