Personalize your wedding in Tuscany: advice from our planner

Sassa al Sole is a romantic wedding venue in the Tuscan countryside. Our event planner is here to help you create and customize the wedding of your dreams.

Not the usual wedding venue in Tuscany

The philosophy of Sassa al Sole is to let every couple be in charge of their event. We want you to feel like the venue is yours at your wedding. This way, you can truly belong and enjoy the experience. Our role is to guide, inspire, and advise you. Cristina, our event planner, is here to make sure all of your expectations become a reality. She will relieve you from useless worries and deal with any difficulty you may face with the wedding suppliers.

So, first advice: do not choose a wedding venue that limits your imagination. That forces you to organize the aperitif only in a certain spot or to end the dance party at a certain time at night. That doesn’t allow you to decor as you like or to take your time on premise before the ceremony.

How to make a wedding in Tuscany truly your own?

Our second tip may seem obvious: do not try to please your parents, your relatives or friends. Only choose what you like and appreciate. The wedding day is only one, be sure to live it as you like. Friends and family will love to see you happy: that’s all that really matters.

Anyway, you are inviting them to a wedding in Tuscany, and more than this… a fun, weekend-long holiday among wine, food and culture. What more can they ask for?

Personalize your Tuscan wedding

Talking about personalization, we can give you some ideas to really impress your guests. Ask about the latest trends in decorations. We can help with beautiful flower arrangements, wedding ideas that match the venue, and more. Want to include some sustainable details into your wedding and stand out? We can make it happen.

A Tuscan wedding doesn’t necessarily have to follow schemes, rules and traditions. Tuscany customs are interesting. However, it is important to include your own beliefs and traditions in your wedding. This applies no matter where your wedding takes place.

Wedding entertainment in Tuscany has it all

Last advice: be creative with the entertainment! Wedding entertainment in Tuscany is wild, there is something for everyone. When planning a party, it’s a good idea to have music. You can choose from bands, trios, DJs, live piano or violin players, choirs, and more.

An out of the ordinary idea is to hire an artist or a group of artists to amaze guests. We are talking about portrait painters, creative writers, cartoonists, jugglers… and, why not, even a magician or a mentalist.

Do you want more information?

If you want to organize a wedding or an exclusive event, Relais Sassa al Sole team is at your disposal.