Wedding trends 2024: next year’s topics, fashion, decors

2024 is just around the corner! Many couples see it as the year they will finally say ‘I do’ and are naturally very involved in planning their wedding. We are sure that one of the most common questions they are asking themselves is: what are the wedding trends for next year? Well, here is some inspiration!

Favorite wedding destinations for 2024

We assure you that we are not biased when we say: Italy, and Tuscany in particular, is one of the best wedding destinations for 2024. Our region has it all: beautiful venues, top quality services, specialised professionals, lots of things to see and do.
Couples from all over the world are increasingly interested in Tuscan weddings and want to have their ceremony here.

Also, if outdoor weddings are on trend in 2024, Tuscany offers incredible views. When getting married in Tuscany, you can choose from a variety of places and scenarios. The hills, the countryside, the city centres of iconic cities such as Florence, Siena, Pisa… and then there is the coast with its sandy and pebble beaches.

Wedding sustainability is on trend in 2024

Sustainability is a big topic for weddings in 2024. Couples are looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of their ceremony and reception and are not prepared to compromise. Today, almost every element of a wedding has a sustainable alternative, even in old-fashioned Tuscany.

Food and drink are traditionally local and organic. Floral decorations are usually seasonal. As for wedding favours, there are many eco-conscious choices among the classic Tuscan gifts such as aromatic herbs, olive oil, honey or handmade soap.

Bridal trends in 2024

As for the bride, 2024 has some great news. Fashion Week has revealed the hottest bridal trends for next year, which include floral appliqués, bows, textured shapes, dramatic overskirts, bold colours, veils, drop-waist silhouettes and pants.
Bridal make-up for 2024 will include neon hues, bright colours from hot pink to lime green and electric blue.

We are sure to see beautiful brides strolling through the garden, around the pool or near the rose bushes. All will have the opportunity to get ready in our comfortable suite, a cosy place to spend time with family and friends before saying ‘I do’.

Wedding florals, decor and stationery

The wedding trends for 2024 are clear: they revolve around dramatic floral designs, vibrant colour schemes and high-impact volumes. With the abundance of greenery and nature that Tuscany has to offer, you can effortlessly create high-impact, stunning decorations using flowers that are practically plucked from your doorstep.

At Sassa al Sole you can easily use the rose bushes and the wild nature of the garden as a backdrop for your ceremony and reception.

Planning a wedding in 2024: seek help!

Planning a wedding is a serious business. Don’t underestimate the help that an experienced wedding or event planner can give you. Such professionals work closely with all the suppliers, know how to manage all the necessary elements and can really make all your dreams come true.

Our Event Planner, Cristina, is available to help you plan your wedding day and stay at Sassa al Sole. You can rely on her for advice on timing, decorations, activities for your guests and anything else you may need for your special day.

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